Cant flash my Jetson Orin NX dev kit

Just for the record: Following both “solutions” from Unable to Flash R36 on Orin Nano 8GB Dev Kit Using External Storage results in the same “NV3P_SERVER: Failed to initialize partition table from GPT” error.

first_method_log.txt (79.0 KB)
first_method_uart.txt (17.7 KB)
second_method_uart.txt (22.3 KB)
second_method_log.txt (76.3 KB)

I have spent just too many hours to get this thing running. I’m stuck and would so much only like to get started with Orin and the wonderful world of LLMs. Instead I’m forced to dig deep into QSPI, GPT, ratchets and why value 0x31 is out of range.