Can't flash Orin Nano 4GB (might be timeout in USB write)

Hello NVIDIA Team,
I am currently facing an issue while trying to flash an Orin Nano 4GB on a custom carrier board using JetPack 5.1.1. I am using the following command with the custom configuration file “brma3n-11x-orin-nx”:

./tools/kernel_flash/ --external-device nvme0n1p1 -c tools/kernel_flash/flash_l4t_external.xml -p “-c bootloader/t186ref/cfg/flash_t234_qspi.xml” --showlogs --network usb0 brma3n-11x-orin-nx internal

However, I am encountering the following error during the flashing process:

ERROR: might be timeout in USB write.
Error: Return value 3

I have attached the full log of the flashing process for reference:
flashlog.txt (251.2 KB)

Interestingly, I have successfully flashed an Orin Nano 8GB using the same custom configuration, base board, flash computer, and USB cable. This issue seems specific to the Orin Nano 4GB.

I have already attempted using multiple USB cables and disabling USB autosuspend on the flash computer, but the issue persists.

Thank you all in advance for your support

Best regards,


Unfortunately, this issue does not seem to happen on specific devices, and may happen on all of Orin series devices.

We are sorry that we haven’t worked out an universal solution to this issue. Some users got it fixed by disabling USB autosuspend, while others didn’t. You may also try a different host PC (Ubuntu 18.04 seems to be more stable than 20.04)

Hi Dave,
We have found a solution here.
Apparently our problem had nothing to do with the Ubuntu version or USB autosuspend, but with our .config file.
Best regards,

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