cant get a pgprof.out file

I am running a non-parallel code with the pgf90 compiler. I would like to do profiling to check for areas of slow code. I compile with the -qp flag and I have also tried to compile it with the -Mprof=func flag. When I use the -qp option, it compiles no problem but when I run it, I get no pgprof.out file to look at. When I compile it with the -Mprof=func flag, I get errors in the compilation that say “undefined reference to __rouent”- it gives me this error for all the subroutines and modules that are compiled.

If you have any suggestions, it would be appreciated.


Hi Cara-Lyn,

“-qp” or “-pg” uses Gprof style profiling and produce a ‘gmon.out’ output file. To view the results using pgprof, run ‘pgprof -exe gmon.out’.

The second error is caused because you need to also link with “-Mprof=func” since this instructs the driver to link using the profiling libraries.

Hope this helps,

ok, great- works now- thank you