Can't get any information from the application


I’m trying to attach TGB 2.1 on non-rooted Shield device. I’ve removed all egl-related links from the build files, source code and SDL2 and replaced them with

My game starts, works as expected, TGD connects to it but all the options are grayed our. I see the following TGD-related output in the log file:

I/NGD     ( 7121):  -- Attempting to load the Tegra Graphics Debugger from the application's lib folder: /data/app/*.*.*/lib/arm/
W/linker  ( 7121): unused DT entry: type 0x1d arg 0x3741
I/NGD     ( 7121): Starting GTI initialization...
I/NGD     ( 7121): Graphics interception initialized

Any idea what could possibly go wrong?

P.S. It seems that the application sometimes tries to load egl/gles so files dynamically. I’ve replaced this code with links to

which api are you using as delimiter? are you using delimiter within native code or java code?

We use SDL2 to handle all platform-specific stuff. I’ve updated SDL to use NVidia’s wrapper (at least I hope I found everything I had to update).

SDL uses eglSwapBuffers which it obtains from the GL ES library using dlsym.

I’ve updated it to load instead of all kinds of EGL and GL ES libs.

can you share simple applications using sdl2 with us? that’s looks wired.