Can't get AP mode going on Intel 8265 (Solved)

On the TX2 you have to set op_mode=2 in /etc/modprobe.d/bcmdhd.conf and echo 2 >/sys/module/parameters/op_mode to get wifi to go into AP mode. Appears for the 8265 there is a similar set of configs that are needed but can’t find a thing on the parameters for that card. Typical intel. Anyways does anyone happen to know the procedure to get this card running in AP mode? I’m using nmcli to set up the connection done it that way on the TX2 multiple times without error. The network ssid shows up but you can’t login. Password is rejected just like when you haven’t set up the bcmdhd.conf and op_mode in parameters on the TX2 so I suspect its the same problem No op_mode in parameters for iwlwifi driver though. Also although it will connect to my wifi network there is no /dev/wlan0 device which is odd.

Its working now my mistake on one of the nmcli lines to configure it. Forgot the double quotes around the wifi password.