Can't get M10 to run more than 2 monitors on Horizon View 7.10


We have a host running ESXi 6.7 with the Tesla M10 card.
We use Horizon View 7.10 and run the graphic card as shared PCI device

With two monitors everything works great! But we want users to have the option to use 4 monitors.

I’ve been testing with the grid_m10-1q profile which supports 4 displays but when trying to connect with for example 3 monitors, the third display is stuck at the login screen while the two others looks fine but you cant do anything. This is with Blast.
With PCoIP it looks like two displays dragged over 3 of my monitors.

Tried to uninstall the SVGA driver without any luck.

Hope you can help with this or point me in the direction to get help :)

Kind regards,

Hi Aleksander

To remove the vSGA driver, uninstall the Horizon Agent, the vGPU driver and VMTools. Reboot the VM and reinstall VMTools without the vSGA driver (Custom Install), then install the vGPU driver and lastly the Horizon Agent.

I never install the vSGA driver when using vGPU. However, you may not need to do that to resolve your issue …

You haven’t mentioned what resolution the monitors are, but regardless, ideally you should have a larger vGPU Profile than that, especially for 3 or 4 monitors. Start off with a large vGPU Profile (4Q / 8Q, it doesn’t matter at this stage) to remove that as a potential limitation, then once you have it working scale it back down until you find the right level for your use case.

FYI - The VMware version of PCoIP is not very good, and not something I bother using. Don’t confuse that version with Teradici’s version of PCoIP and PCoIP Ultra, which are excellent!