Can't get tab bar Audio2Gesture in tool

This is my tool

This is default image in your tool

Why doesn’t have tab bar Audio2Gesture in my tool ?

Hello @_blackShark! I apologise, but I do not understand what you mean by “tab bar”.
Take a look at our documentation here: Audio2gesture — Omniverse Machinima documentation and let me know what you mean by “tab bar”.

What he means is, @WendyGram , that the top Animation menu tabs does not contain Audio2Gesture. Is it included in the latest 2022.2.1 Beta? Or it must be installed from somewhere?


What does this exclamation triangle means?

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Hi @_blackShark, @WendyGram, does this issue have a solution now? I encountered the same issue when trying to use audio2gesture.
Here’s the tutorial I followed : Audio2gesture — Omniverse Machinima documentation

According to video, there should be a “Audio2Gesture” option in “Animation” menu :

But I don’t see this option in my APP :

When I open Extensions to check if there’s a problem, I found these warning signs next to the enable buttons :

Here’s the log I downloaded from console :
kit_20230220_044740.log (1.8 MB)

and I’m using Machinima 2022.3.0 on Ubuntu 20.04, hope these would help.