Cant Identify Logitech USB camera in camera capture sample program

I recently upgraded to the jetpack 2.3 on my TX1. I was using a 2.1 release where I took the camera capture sample from visionworks and was able to use the nvdevice1 as the devicxe for my Logitech USB camera and it worked fine. With this latest release, I cannot get the USB camera to get recognized. I’m using the visionworks example camera capture program to get it to work first. How does one tell visionworks how to use a Logitech USB camera in this latest release? I tried device:///v4l2?index=0 and device:///v4l2?index=1 with no luck.

I just figured out what the problem was. It was a typo. the device I was trying to use was v412 and not v4l2. Its a small ‘L’ not the number 1. So I just ran the sample visionworks sample player with -s device:///v4l2?index=0 and my Logitech USB camera was working and being displayed just fine.

I’ve never had luck with either the prior Jetpack 2.1 or this newer one 2.3 getting the onboard camera to work and display properly on the TX1 with the sample apps. If anyone has had success with these cameras the please lets talk.

Hello, sherrick:
Please take a look at visionworks doc. that information is included in doc.
for onboard camera, the command is:
xxx/nvx_sample_player --source=“device:///nvcamera?index=0”