Can't import .lxo or .fbx files

Windows 10 /11
Nvidia A5000 mobile, driver 511.79
Viewer 2021.3.10
Create 2021.3.8

When I try importing .fbx and .lxo files in OV no geometry is actually imported, only lights seem to be imported in new USD file.

Hello @marco.salino! Welcome to the Community! I have a question since this on the Developer category, are you trying to import these file formats using code? If not, what is your process and what applications are you trying to use?

We may need to grab some log files to identify what the error might be. You can take a look at this post to know which log files will help us troubleshoot this issue! How to Report an issue with Omniverse

Hi Wendy,

Here are the logs. I may have posted in the wrong forum as I am not a developer. We export data from Bentley MicroStation, here are the logs. I have already sent them to the development manager as Bentley and Nvidia are partners so please check if the dev team has already actioned on this.


Marco Salino (3.41 MB)