Can't install any app

Similar to the problem described in this thread, I can’t install any app. I don’t get an error message though. In my case, I get a spinner for about 2 - 3 seconds and then after the spinner goes away, the Launcher is sitting there unchanged. I never get the installation progress bar and the app does not show up in my library.

This is on a Windows 10 laptop with an RTX 3000 and I’ve tried my regular user account and an admin account. I’m running CUDA 11.4 and the driver version is 471.41.

Requested log file: launcher.log (32.9 KB)

Hello @Brad_Mears,
Thank you for posting, I will bring your issue to the attention of the developers for review.
Please attach your launcher log file to provide additional information.
Launcher log location:
Thank you for your patience.

This seems like a network issue. Launcher unable to download information required for the installation:

request to failed, reason: self signed certificate in certificate chain

You can try to add this resource to your network allowed list or trace the request and check what kind of a self signed certificate is returned back to figure out why it’s rejected.