Cant install anything from exchange - http502 errors


Trying to install anything via the exchange, I get an error http502

Any ideas?

Go to NUCLEUS >>Setting >>Restart All let me know it work for you .

Where do I find that?

I only have this app thing with tabs at the top (The Launcher)
Library, Exchange, Collaboration

I dont see Nucleus anywhere

Also, if I go to exhange tab, then connectors, and try installing the 3ds max connector for example, it gets worse, I get http 403!

install it properly watch the video for it

I installed the launcher, and setup my cache etc

I’m using the Free Individual version, not the $9000 Enterprise version

But on top, I only see Library, Exchange, Collaboration
From here, if I want to install anything further, I get errors

I think I have the old launcher from when everything was still in Beta

I’m unable to download the new one however. THAT results in 403 Error

Hello @omniverse3! I am notifying the development team about this issue. May I ask where you are located? A 403 error usually means that the server understands the request but refuses to authorize it.

What Operating System are you using?

If you can attach a copy of your launcher logs from here: C:\Users<USERNAME>.nvidia-omniverse\logs\launcher
And a copy of your Nucleus logs from here: %HOMEPATH%\.nvidia-omniverse\logs
They might help us identify what the issue is.

Also, try running the Omniverse Cleanup-Tool to ensure that you have the latest launcher.