Can't install Cache on my PC

I’m trying to install Cache but it give me this error:

Already try to reinstall, clear cache folders,


also give me this error:


Hello thank you for the post,
I will bring your issue with Cache to the attention of the developers.
Thank you for your patience.

Hi , sorry to hear you’re having issues installing cache.

Can you share what the full error message says please? You can display the full error message by clicking this dropdown:

What operating system are you using, and what Launcher version do you have?

This is sometimes resolved by closing System Monitor and Launcher. Then restart System Monitor again followed by Launcher.

We currently have an open ticket (OM-26314) tracking a similar issue. It should be fixed in an upcoming release.

Hi, thanks for replying, i’ve fixed deleting all the folders, and changing the entire installation folder, now it’s working,