Can't Install CUDA Driver on New Dell Laptop

I just bought a Dell 14z (Studio 1440) laptop and it has a 9400M graphics card. I am also running Windows Vista (Home Premium) 64bit with SP1. Other specs are: Intell Core Duo P8600 2.4Ghz with 3GB RAM.

I didn’t see any notebook driver for CUDA 2.3. So I downloaded and tried to install the notebook driver for CUDA 2.2 for my operating system. However I didn’t allow me to update my graphics card. It only showed an option for updating the driver for HD Audio. Then I tried drivers for CUDA 2.1 and 2.0 but with the same result.

Any ideas on what to try? Thanks.

I am using acer aspire 5738G It has Geforce G105M companies website state its cuda enabled.I trying to install the cuda driver but its showing errors.Plz help

Found a solution! I installed driver version 190.56 with a modified inf from Installed CUDA 2.3 and tested all of the demos in the SDK. They work!