Can't install driver beacause X server is launched

I try to install driver to my laptop and by sudo sh “pass to driver directory”
Then he get me an error because X server is launched. I’m novice, then soory for this question.

You have two options:

  1. The easy way
    Use the nvidia packages from your Linux distro

  2. Stop the X server and retry

# systemctl isolate
# sh "path to"

I can’t stop X server because i can’t login without GUI. My login is incorrect. If i setup drivers by “easy way”, i’ll setup old drivers. So i want to install really official drivers from Nvidia.

This is a uncommon setup, but probably possible.
(more likely something is lost in your translation)

In the first screenshot you setup a Ubuntu ppa. You are using Ubuntu?

The graphics-drivers/ppa has the latest drivers and is probably easier to install.

Ok.I’ll install drivers from ppa. Looks like this is only one way to install drivers for my video. Thanks for help.