Cant install drivers for my nvidia geforce 8400gs!

Well my PC restarted after freezing in fifa 10! And then kept on restartin. I cudnt get into safe mode so i reinstalled the OS. And whn i tried to install the driver for my graphics card, it only complete 50% and then my pc restarts! I hav a sratched windows XP loading screen. I tried to install all the recent drivers for my graphics card bt nothing seems to work. I hav been ripin my hair out tryin to fix dis for da past 3 days! Any help is appreciated!

Can you verify the following? (Or if you have tried this before, can you tell where did you face the issue in the following?)

  1. Remove the graphics card and try to boot using the motherboard’s integrated graphics…
  2. Go to ‘Device Manager’ and disable the drivers you see in the 'Monitor’s section…
  3. Shut-down the system…
  4. Connect your graphics card…
  5. Boot-up…
  6. XP should automatically detect ‘a new hardware’…
  7. Then try installing the driver again…

and BTW, if you want to revert back to motherboard gfx (hope you don’t have to :) ), then just use your motherboard installation CD to restore the graphics driver for the integrated chipset in your motherboard.
I had the same issue when I first bought a gfx card (9600gt). I followed the procedures I mentioned in my previous post and everything worked normal after that. Hope it works out for you too :)

I cant access my device manager! I try opening it bt it doesnt open.

Can’t you even do the following!?
WindowsKey -> My Computer (RightClick) -> Properties -> Hardware -> Device Manager

I can open device manager. But it isnt opening.

Can you try the following command after you press WindowsKey + R --> “mmc devmgmt.msc”?

I tried bt it still nt opening. If i cant open it then i cant check for my drivers under the monitors section. So, I cant tell u the results.

Well nw m usin da integrated graphics card. Since i cant access my device manager, i cant do the last phase of ur advice.
M at the mood of burstin out of control.

Accessing device manager is the fool-proof method to install your gfx card onto the system…
I really have no clue why is that you aren’t able to access device manager… :(
One last thing you could try is that if you are in XP, then try upgrading it to SP1/SP2… that should hopefully resolve your head-aches. If this also doesn’t work out, then I’m sorry, this is as far as I can go with my limited knowledge… :(

So, i finally did ol those thngs n u r rite nw it detects it bt da driver still dnt get installd.

P.S.: I was havin a problem dat i cant paste my copied product bt fixd it usin a registry key fixer. I thnk dis problem is also related to registry key. Can u pls giv me da directory to find da registry keys?

This is the location of the graphics driver related regkey settings:
This is the location of the majority of the other important regkeys:

Well it didnt work either! Wat shud i do now? Shud i buy a new graphics card.

P.S.: I fixd ol da registry errors.

Sorry for the delayed response…
Try uninstalling the driver s/w and then try to access your device manager. This way you will know whether it was due to driver that you weren’t able to access the device manager.
If this is doesn’t work either, it is highly advisable to contact your device vendor.

Well my device manager works nw thankfully bt still i cant install the driver. I thnk i shud buy a new 1 nw!

I don’t think so. Can you post the screenshot of the desktop which says that it can’t install the driver?

[quote name=‘teju’ date=‘Oct 13 2009, 11:14 PM’ post=‘600348’]

I don’t think so. Can you post the screenshot of the desktop which says that it can’t install the driver?


The pc restarts after 50% of driver installation. It restarts without sayin nethng.

P.S.: The device manager again doesnt open. With it my disk defragmenter, my computer management in the asministritive tools doesnt open.