Can't Install Jetson Nano Developer Kit

I’m new to the Nano and can’t get the Developer Kit installed. I’ve flashed the Jetson Nano Developer Kit to a 64gb SD card, then connected a mouse, keyboard, and HDMI TV. On power up, a dialog starts showing activity and then freezes. I’ve tried this on several different SD cards without success. I’ve had no issue with installing and running the Getting Started with AI on Jetson Nano tutorial, so the hardware works. Any help would be appreciated.


You might be running into issues with the “first boot” scripting to create your first admin login account and time zone settings. If that is true, then you could run this script on the Linux host PC prior to flashing, and you could at least get past that part:

There might also be issues with the TV. If you have an actual HDMI monitor you can test with, then this would be useful information to see how it changes.


Thanks for the reply. I’m running an iMac, so is there anyway to make these changes without having to install Linux in Parallels? I have a PC laptop if that could be used.

The attached picture shows where the flashing hangs.



Please flash your card with sdkmanager.

I was able to get it working by flashing the SD card on my junkie HP laptop. I will try the sdkmanager tomorrow.