Can't install nvidia wsl 470.76


I didn’t manage to install the driver 470.76. Apparently, my window version is not compatible.

I am running on Dev build 21390.2025. Any advice?


I have that driver installed in build 21390 without problem. What’s your GPU?


I got a 3080

Are you trying to install the GEFORCE driver from CUDA on WSL | NVIDIA Developer?

What’s the error you see?

Yeah of course. The error is :

" This NVIDIA graphic driver is not compatible with this version of windows"

" This graphic driver didn’t find any graphic card compatible"

So not much.

It looks like a problem that happens with some Windows Update nvidia drivers.

See This NVIDIA graphics driver is not compatible with | NVIDIA GeForce Forums

Nop still the same issue :( I will try with an older driver version

Same problem with you on Dev build 21390.2025 with a 3070Ti while the normal driver of version 466.77 can be installed properly
Besides, this might suggest some unknown error on 30 seriers cause I successfully install the 470.76 on another 21390.2025 with a 2060

I received a pushed update for this driver from Windows Update and that installed fine on my 3090. Having said that I’m still not clear what do I have to do to get decent performance on Pytorch 1.9.0 or TF 2.5.0.