Can't install SDK Manager

tried installing it on my Nano - didn’t work … different arch … so my question is … what would I need this for exactly?

Are you trying to install the SDK manager on the Nano? If so, this is not possible. The manager must be installed on a ubuntu host machine.

yes … that’s what I did … I thought this was a required step… wondering where all the dev tools are on the Nano …? Do I have to set up a ‘host’ ubuntu VM to work with the Nano?

Please see this link for more info:

Generally you must install Ubuntu on bare metal (a dual boot with Windows, or Mac OS, for example), in order to install SDK Manager. SDKM will not run on arm64 platforms like Nano and won’t be as useful inside a VM.

Nowadays Ubuntu will happily resize Windows and live along side it, but you should still make a backup before installing. If for whatever reason you can’t install on bare metal, please ask here and it may be possible to find some workarounds.