Can't launch an application with the debugger


I failed to debug an application with lgd 2.3. I usually launch my app in the terminal :

$ LD_PRELOAD=~/.tgd/libs/ glxgears

and then I attach the debugger. However my applications segfault immediately when doing so. In the case of glxgears, the application just hang up and the X window is never shown. As usual I guess it is probably a problem with the driver.

I use Mint 18.3 with a Quadro M1000M. The driver version is 390.30, it comes from the PPA, the one installed when you install cuda 9.1. So I guess this is an “official” one. But I already got issues with driver versions in the past with lgd 2.2 (, so I would not be surprised that this is again the problem. I have a workstation with the same software and a GeForce 970GTX, it does not work either.


Could you please try re-installing the driver using the method mentioned in ?