Can't launch kernel anymore with Toolkit 3.2RC? Lauching of cuda-kernel fails with new toolkit 3


I installed the new cuda toolkit 3.2RC and since then I can’t launch my cuda-kernel anymore. I use C# in VS 2008 + CUDA.Net 3.0 (using the Driver-API-Wrapper) and I get a “CUDAException”.
When I explicitly use the nvcc from version 3.1 everything works fine.
Did I miss something new with 3.2 or is there something wrong with the new nvcc?

Win7, 64-bit
Visual Studio 2008 SP1 (also 2010 installed, but not used)
CUDA.Net 3.0
Driver 260.61 which comes with Nsight 1.5
(Nsight 1.5RC host+monitor installed)
GPU Tooklit 3.1 and 3.2RC installed (all 64bit)

Any help really appreciated!

Greetings from Vienna!