Can't launch omniverse AppImage on Jetson Xavier NX


I am trying to install Omniverse launcher on my Jetson Xavier NX. Everything worked clean, until I downloaded “omniverse-launcher-linux.AppImage” from the official page.

The problem is that when I make AppImage executable and I double click on the icon to install, I get “invalid encoding” plain text document in the same folder as the AppImage, which is blank. And that is all that happens, no installation, no error message, no warning.

I searched all of the google sites and discussions and I found nothing, except that there might be a problem if installation file is 32bit while the OS is 64bit and that is not a case here.

I would be really thankful if I get some professional advice about tackling this.

Hi, Isaac Sim and Omniverse Launcher is not supported on Jetson. Isaac Sim requires a Linux PC with an RTX GPU.

Did some research in the meantime, and I came to the same conclusion a bit late… Thank you anyways.

Kind regards.

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