Can't link decoder and streammux error


I am trying to replace nvinfer with nvyolo. However, when I do that, I am getting this error message: Can’t link decoder and streammux. When I looked further, gst_pad_link(decoder_source_pad[i], streammux_sink_pad[i]) returns GST_PAD_LINK_NOFORMAT. I was wondering if anyone else has run into this problem and been able to solve it?


no need to replace nvinfer with nvyolo,nvyolo is specific for Yolo object detect but nvinfer support all of those(ssd、yolo、faster rcnn and so on). 2 demos for ssd and faster rcnn in DeepStream 3.0 Release package and here is how to do inference with Yolo using nvinfer plugin:

run make command in the dir and run deepstream-app command with config file in the folder,the pipeline will do inference with yolo. forget nvyolo hahaha. we can learn how nvinfer plugin works from nvyolo source code,as nvyolo is open source.