Can't load my scene

Hi, I worked on a pretty heavy scene on Friday.
This morning I saved and closed it and now I doesn’t seem to open. It is stuck on loading objects.
My GPU memory isn’t full.

I imported pretty heavy .usds with animated trees and the scene became 3GB, I am sure I imported them wrong, I still don’t know how to properly import .usd as a reference, only as Sublayer (which I guess is not ideal).

Hello @karol.osinski! Would you be able to provide us a copy of your Create logs? They are usually found here: C:\Users\<USERNAME>\.nvidia-omniverse\logs\Kit\Create. Your logs should indicate what the issue is.

Also, if you would like, you can send me your usd file at, I can have one of our developers take a look at your file. Also, I will reach out to them on some advice for the best way to import USD files with animations as references.

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Thank you for your reply @WendyGram !

I sent you an e-mail with the scene and the log!

Thank you @karol.osinski! I’ve recieved both files. The dev team is checking it now.

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Hi there, Can I ask for more detail. This heavy scene is from which DCC software ? Can you send me the master scene from whatever external software it is from. Why are there so many lights in your screen capture ?

Having looked at the scene, it seems as the file is looking for lots of additional assets that are not there, and it is caught in an infinite loop to try to find them. I would encourage you to download USDVIEW from the same OV launcher and examine the scene for yourself and see if it breaks there. Or you could try to download OV VIEW and take a look at that as well.

My advice is to try to recreate the scene and rather than using references, just bring everything in.

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I opened the scene in VIEW and this is what I have. Is there more to it than that ?

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This is viewing the file with USDView

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Hi @Richard_3D ! Thanks for your reply. Most of the scene assets were created using Maya, the trees you see were exported from Speedtree, specifically two different trees, both animated (120 frames).

Not sure what I did wrong there. I imported them as sublayers because otherwise (Add Payload / Add reference) doesn’t seem to be working in case of animated .usd files. Though I always duplicated those trees as instances to keep the scene size low, yet it grew from 250mb to 3gb in no-time…

Regarding the lights, it is just the nature of the scene, a lot of interior lights in there.

I managed to re-create the scene yesterday. This time I kept the size under control and everything seemed to be working. After saving it and re-opening I got “corrupted” again + it’s size went from around 300mb to 50kb… So basically 2 days of work lost at this point.

Hi @Richard_3D ,
I managed to load that 50kb scene by deleting the trees layer, while the scene was doing its “infinite loop”.
I re-imported the trees again, by “Insert as a Sublayer”, because otherwise it imports only an empty node. It seems that animated .usd cannot be imported as Payload nor Reference.

Anyways, I got to open the scene but unless I delete all my instanced, animated trees I keep getting red error.

Thanks for the continued information on this. We really appreciate it. So just to recap, the issue seems to be isolated to animated trees from SpeedTree ? Is that correct ? One quick and obvious suggestion is that CREATE has a massive library of trees all ready to go. Just drag and drop. Have you thought about using those instead ?

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Basically after instancing certain number of those animated trees, each of them weighting almost 3gbs, the crash error pops up (I still forget to take a screenshot of it…). The scene crashes and does not load anymore, unless I delete most of the trees from it during the loading, while everything is blinking every so often so it is rather hard task, but duable.

However, I inserted one of those animated trees inside an empty scene and managed to array duplicate it 500+ times…
Well, after all I am glad I managed to recover the scene from that infinite loop.

Regarding the Create library, are any of those trees I animated? I remember that all I’ve seen was static.

I don’t believe any of those trees are animated no. But you could animate them with some built in Physics in Create, if animated trees are essential.

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@karol.osinski I think the problem is with related to the sequencer. You try to add your trees to the sequencer and animate them in the sequencer. While we are going to fix this special case for the robustness of our tool. I believe that the following video may help you to solve your problem. You are trying to sequence your asset from shot tracks which is wrong. You’d sequence them from asset tracks. And the video tells you how to do that.

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Hi @jiayuan ! Thank you so much for the video, you explained was explained clearly. Much appreciated!

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