Can't load turtlebot3 urdf from host

I have set up omniverse on AWS EC2 and am using Streaming Client to access Isaac Sim. On the EC2 I installed ROS2 (foxy) and established the ROS2 bridge between host and docker container. Now I am trying to follow this tutorial 1. URDF Import: Turtlebot — Omniverse Robotics documentation to import turtlebot3 URDF. Downloaded the source from git, installed it using colson build and even add the path to ROS_PACKAGE_PATH (this variable is not for ROS2, but I set it anyways). When I launch Isaac Sim though, I could not see the URDF from the host. I watched the video on the tutorial page and it seems like the URDFs would just magically show up under “Bookmarks”. However there is nothing there.
Screenshot 2023-04-17 142847
Have ROS2 bridge enabled too which doesn’t help.

What am I missing?

Hi @dian.jiao - Can you let us know at what step in the tutorial you are having issues? we can try to help you resolve it?