can't log in no password user account

I created a new account(“test” in this case) in System Settings --> User Accounts
and the Password Action select “Log in without a password”

1). Log out
2). Choose account “test” then log in.
3). Press Ctrl+Alt+L to lock screen.
4). Do not type password and try to log in.
5). It will shows “Invalid password, please try again” and I can’t log in this no password user account.

How can I fix this issue?
ps. I tried this in L4T r32.2.1/r32.2.3


Hi Tim2016,

The “Log in without a password” that’s mean it can auto boot up to desktop without enter the password.
The lock screen need password, it is the Ubuntu behavior.

By definition a lock screen is password protected security. I’ve never seen it done, but it sounds like what you want is a manually triggered (hot key instead of inactivity timer) screen saver (and activity stops the screen saver). You’d have to modify a screen saver to do this without a password (and I think lock screens are just modified screen savers).

I rebuilt accountsservice package.
“add_no_passwd_account_to_group_nopasswdlogin.patch” is the patch for it.
After reinstall this package: “sudo dpkg -i accountsservice_0.6.45-1ubuntu1_arm64.deb”, now the screen lock behavior of no password user account is just like Ubuntu 16.04.

ps. please remvoe the .7z of the attachment file.

add_no_passwd_account_to_group_nopasswdlogin.patch.7z (3.08 KB)
accountsservice_0.6.45-1ubuntu1_arm64.deb.7z (73.1 KB)