Can't login deep learning institute and workshop

Hi, I successfully bought DLI course, but I cannot login anymore.
I consistently encounter the error msg below and there is no place for me to type password, which makes me really annoyed.
“You have successfully signed into NVIDIA, but your NVIDIA account does not have a linked NVIDIA account. To link your accounts, sign in now using your NVIDIA password.”

And I cannot login account using the link provided in the workshop notification email. It always return HTTP error 401.


I have forwarded your issue to the DLI team for investigation. Thanks for your patience.

Hi Tom,
Thanks for the reply. My workshop is going to start at 8AM PST but I still have problems with login. May I trouble you for a temporary solution?

Hi @zeyang2,

Sorry, I don’t have access to the system to resolve the issue. Only the DLI engineer can fix this when he gets into the office.

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Hi @zeyang2 I responded in the other thread you posted in, but we believe we’ve resolved the underlying bug that was causing this issue. Can you please try logging in again to see if it is still affecting your account?

Thank you! It is solved now.

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