Can't login to Deep Learning Institute

Deep Learning Institute login process is broken. It says I have an nvidia account, but no linked DLI account, but I can’t create a DLI account because the email is already used, and the form to reset the DLI account password doesn’t take an email (from either the current session, or a page form) so it’s impossible to fix.

I have the same problem. Dear Nvidia please fix this. I already paid and enrolled in one of your GTC workshops.

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Same, pls fix this. I really want to continue that Jetson Nano course

Hi everyone,

I have our team looking into this issue. Please watch for updates here.

Thanks for your patience.


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Sorry to hear you are having problems. We have changed our authentication system recently - and its clear we somehow have missed the test case in which you folks fall in.
We shall be looking into each of your accounts - and we may message you directly with some workaround as we fix the problem globally.
In the meanwhile if you can’t wait then there is a quick and dirty workaround - use a completely new account, such as
Thanks for your patience.

We are still investigating, but its possible you may be able to login if you are careful.
We would request you try to login again - and when you get to a page which asks for you to set a Full Name and Public Username - please click the blue Create Account Button.
If you are successful or have a problem - please let us know in either case - and also share any screen shots should you experience issues. The URL of the page at the time of the issue is valuable information.
Thanks again for your patience.

I have the same issue. Can you please fit it. Not able to login.

There is no option to enter email.

Tried create an account. It says user name already exists.

Please feel free to contact me if you need more information and please get it fixed soon. I have enrolled in classes and couldn’t login.

Do you have any update on this issue @TomK. I still cant login.

Hi @bhagavath.b,

We are still working to resolve the issue. Thank you for your patience.


I tried creating a different login, it worked for a day but struck with the same issue again the next day. do you have ETA @nadeemm @TomK?

Hi @bhagavath.b,

Unfortunately, we are still working on a solution. We are working as fast as we can to fix the issue. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Hi everybody,

We recently changed our authentication system, and we have identified a group of users that weren’t successfully migrated. That issue is now resolved. Your user accounts should work as before.

If you’re still having trouble, there may be a different issue affecting your account. To avoid posting your personal information here, please DM me if you’re having trouble logging in, and I’ll follow up with you.


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This problem still exists.

Even I register another account.

Hi @zzj98,

I have the team looking into this. Thanks for your patience.

Hi I have the same problem can you help? My email is as my Nvidia account)

Hi @aanimayeko, I have informed the DLI team of your issue. Thanks for your patience.

Okay patiently waiting, thank you

Hi @TomK, please any updates?

Nothing yet, I pinged the team again this morning. Please hold tight.