Can't login to forum

I’m unable to access my account, it throws the following error while attempt to login. it force me to create another account. How to recover my account ?

Your account has been blocked after multiple consecutive login attempts. We’ve sent you an email with instructions on how to unblock it.

I didn’t receive any email for instructions… it’s been almost 16hour.


Welcome to the Nvidia developer forums. The fact that you posted this, shows you are logged into the forums. What are you trying to log into?

You need to read fully… i can’t login my another account [thiru.shetty] which is used for almost 6 months… This brand new account, just created to get help to use my other account.

The other account [thiru.shetty] is in good standing and is not locked. The issue might be that there are 8 accounts logging in from the same IP address. The system might be auto blocking based on the fact that so many users are using the same IP.

Can you logout all for me ? then i will try to login.

Done. Please try now.

The issue is not yet resolved

@TomK Still not able to login, please help me.

I have forwarded your issue to the site engineer. He is offline until later this morning. Please stand by.


Can you please try logging in again.

Thanks, now able to login

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