Can't login to the Nucleus server

Hi all!
I am having trobles logging in to freshly set up NUCLEUS server.

I currently don’t have an access to the registration e-mail, therefore I am not sure if I am missing some sort of authentification step.

Also, Nucleus path is set on the local server, could that be an issue as well?

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Just found out the Nucleus service isn’t running properly and every time I try to restart it, it fails again after few seconds.

Here is the log file.
Nucleus.log (129.8 KB)

Hi Karol, and thank you for your question.

When creating a local Nucleus server on your workstation, there’s no authorization e-mail process. The account that you create initially should work immediately.

However, there are a few TCP ports that are bound for specific services. One of these ports is TCP 3009, which on your system may have a conflict.

Can you please run a netstat -a on your computer and see if TCP 3009 is being used (i.e., bound) to another application?

Additionally, you can telnet to localhost on 3009 and if you the connection is accepted?

If it’s not another application using the port, it may be local firewall and/or security software related (blocking the port binding.)

Please review the notes above and let us know what you find.

Thank you!

Hi dcomo,

I looked for port 3009 with netsat -a and could not find any entries with such number.
I also check it with telnet (not sure if I did it correctly though) and it doesn’t show me any connection.

Please see attached screenshots.

I forgot to mention I am trying to setup Nucleus on our local server. Not on my local machine.


Understood. So that I understand the context correctly, you installed Nucleus Workstation on a server within your environment? Also, the screenshots that you posted above are those from your local computer or from the server?

That is correct, and the screenshots I posted are from my local workstation.

Hi @dcomo . Any ideas of how could I resolve it? Should I try to open some ports directly from the server?


Thank you for your patience on this issue. I was relocating and was away for a number of days. I’m going to message you directly and let’s see if we can connect on this issue and get you fixed up!


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Thanks for the update via PM. If you need anything else, please let us know!

Have an amazing week!

I believe I’m having a similar issue.

I ran netstat -a

@user10215 what errors are you getting in Navigator?
Are you able to access the Nucleus settings and validate all services are running?

An update to the nucleus server was released just after I posted and everything appears to work. >Nucleus v.114.0<