Can't move correspondences

I am using 2023.2.0. I do an Interactive Detect on my head model but if I try to move either of the eye correspondences I just get an error in the console and they won’t move. I have some dynamic meshes added but I don’t see why they would have any affect on my being able to position the correspondences.

2024-04-09 19:04:07 [Error] [omni.ui.scene.python] KeyError: (‘/World/transfer_character/extra/dynamic_grp/Brow’,)
2024-04-09 19:04:07 [Error] [omni.ui.scene.python]
2024-04-09 19:04:07 [Error] [omni.ui.scene.python] At:
2024-04-09 19:04:07 [Error] [omni.ui.scene.python] c:/users/stu93/nvidia/audio2face-2023.2.0/exts/omni.kit.charTransfer/omni/kit/charTransfer/scripts/ _process
2024-04-09 19:04:07 [Error] [omni.ui.scene.python] c:/users/stu93/nvidia/audio2face-2023.2.0/exts/omni.kit.charTransfer/omni/kit/charTransfer/scripts/ on_clicked
2024-04-09 19:04:07 [Error] [omni.ui.scene.python] c:/users/stu93/nvidia/audio2face-2023.2.0/exts/omni.kit.charTransfer/omni/kit/charTransfer/scripts/
2024-04-09 19:04:07 [Error] [omni.ui.scene.python]

@stu9354 i am just a passerby and was curious if this is happening to any head mesh or that specific one regardless of dynamic meshes? and i suppose it wouldn’t hurt to try removing the dynamic meshes first to confirm if they are actually causing an issue on your end.

Could you please send your latest Audio2Face log file? It should be located inside C:\Users\<USERNAME>\.nvidia-omniverse\logs\Kit\Audio2Face on Windows and ~/.nvidia-omniverse/logs/Kit/Audio2Face on Linux?

If possible sharing your mesh (in a private message) would help us troubleshoot this issue much faster.

Seems to be a problem with the Omniverse connector for Maya. If I export using the Maya USD plug-in, I can move the correspondences with no problems. If I export using the Omniverse plug-in, I can’t move them correctly.

Are you using the Native Maya Connector or Legacy? I’m using the native one and haven’t had any issues like you have. Would you be able to share your mesh so I can test too?

Hi @stu9354

I just tested usd file you sent and was able to add and move correspondence points without any issues. I wonder if we’re doing something different. If the issue still presists, maybe recording a video and showing the issue can help us reproduce it on our end.

Yes, that was the problem. I was using the legacy connector. For some reason I missed the native connectors when I searched for the connector to install. In the legacy connector there was an option to only export the selected items. I don’t see that option on the native connector so everything in my scene gets exported. Does the selected only option exist in the native connector?

Yes, the Native Maya Connector has Export Selection option.


Great. I only saw the shelf options. Is it possible to export weights for multiple blendshape solves into the same json file? I tried selecting more than one solve and then exporting the weights but it looks like only one solve got exported.

No unfortunately Audio2Face exports only the 1st selected solver.