Cant open Device manager on my computer!

I cant open device manager. When i double click it, it just doesnt open! Can any1 help me? M in real trouble cant install drivers and check properties of my devices.

Probably, my guess is that the file “C:\Windows\system32\devmgmt.msc” is corrupt. You can do one thing here…
Insert your windows XP installer CD into the CDROM. Open a command-prompt and then type ‘sfc /scannow’.
This should resolve the issue…

This forum is for discussing CUDA related issues. Hence, I would request you to please post these questions in forums for windows XP and such.

I knw bt u c dis problem is related to the problem related to CUDA.

ok… understood…
Can you try the commands mentioned by me previously and see whether this resolves it or not?

I tried bt its still nt workin.