Can't perform Joint Position Control via ROS in Isaac Sim using Shadowhand robot

Hi guys,

I tried to follow the tutorial to control the shadowhand robot.

I checked the output in the terminal, the correct joint control command (/joint_command) was sent, but it seems my commands didn’t work properly.

Can someone give me some hints?


Also I tried to use dynamic control to send joint position command to joint “robot0_WRJ1” but the robot didn’t move.

My code is like this:

dof_ptr = dc.find_articulation_dof(articulation, “robot0_WRJ1”)
# This should be called each frame of simulation if state on the articulation is being changed.
# Set joint position target
if i % 100 == 0:
dc.set_dof_position_target(dof_ptr, 7.0)
dc.set_dof_position_target(dof_ptr, -7.0)

Is there any problem related to the shadowhand robot usd?

Can somebody help me with this?


@yg2684 , are you still seeing the issue?