Can't ping from Jetson Nano to desktop


For my ROS project I want to control my Jetson Nano remotely I have written ROS nodes for this. But I noticed not all was working correctly. I am able to receive data from the Jetson to my desktop (running Ubuntu 20.04 with VMware) but I am not able to send data from the desktop to the Jetson Nano. So I started troubleshooting and tried to ping the devices. Well from the VMware Ubuntu I am able to ping the Jetson, from the native machine Win11 I am also able to ping the Jetson Nano. But I am unable to ping my desktop from the Jetson Nano.

I am no network specialist at all and still learning Linux so my question is how to troubleshoot this matter. I would expect to be able to ping from the Jetson my desktop at least.

A small important edit:
I am able to ping other devices on my network



I am not a VM guy, but that is very very likely an issue of VM configuration. You might need to ask somewhere that supports that particular brand of VM. Should you post somewhere else you’ll want to describe the physical connection as well; if you are using the Jetson’s USB, you can refer to this as a wired virtual USB ethernet router which assigns address to itself, and address to the host PC (the VM in this case).

The trick is that the assignment is really going to the non-VM part of the PC, and it is necessary to configure this as going to the VM itself.

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