Can't post: constantly get 403 Forbidden error

I do not seem to be able to write any length of post without getting a 403 forbidden error when previewing or submitting. It’s massively frustrating. What’s going on, it’s just a simple text based post, a few hyperlinks, some source code, and some error messages. Is there a word limit or something.
New user to forum and new user to PGI: wasted a day trying to bisect my message to find the contaminated line with no luck: zero help either.

Help appreciated.

Looking at the two posts below yours at the moment, looks like some lowlifes are spamming the forum. Wonder if that has anything to do with it?

Also, how did you finally get this to post?

Yes, I thought someone might ask that. I found that a short post, no links, no code, no copy and past of terminal output, allowed me to press preview which worked, so I just hit submit. I even found that removing paragraph blank line separators made the difference between preview-able and not… It is reported elsewhere on the forum if you do a search for 403, I’d attached the link but…

I could really do with asking my questions as I’m quite stuck and need to progress.

Yes, we have had an uptick in Spam posts recently. I delete them as soon as I see them. We do have all spam bot filters on, captcha enabled, and email confirmation to enable user accounts, but they still manually post them. Hopefully they’ll get tired of it given I delete them within a few hours and lock the account. We’re looking at what else we can do to combat them, but they’re more just an annoyance at this point.

I don’t think the 403 issues are related, but possible. Our web master has worked on this issue but I’ll let him know it’s still occurring. We can’t replicate the issue so our current working theory is that it’s a TLS/SSL issue on the client side.


FYI, the PGI Customer support email is, not “try”, or alternatively

Feel free to send example code there.

Yes that’s a typo, sorry, I did send it to trs, not try, that’s autocomplete. They already have it, I will try to send to support also, anything you can do to move those along would be good.