Can't profile my app using NSYS-REP interactive

I’m working with Ubuntu 20.04, Linux x86_64, cuda-11.6.

My application runs for a long time, so interactive tracing with nsys seems like a good idea.

$nsys launch ./my_app --config config/my_config.xml
[1] 626776
my_user@my_machine:~/.vs/my_app/build$ Warning: LBR backtrace method is not supported on this platform. DWARF backtrace method will be used.

All of my applications stdout is dumped to the terminal.

First time I run “nsys start” (on another terminal window) I get:

$nsys status
application launched. use the 'start' command to start collecting data
$nsys start -o ./my_log
End of file
$nsys status
Session is not found.

Second time I run it seems ok, and I’m able to verify the session runs:

$nsys start -o ./my_log
my_user@my_machine:~/Downloads/V1_1/1920_1080$ nsys sessions list
              ID         TIME                       STATE LAUNCH NAME
        11627031        00:09                     Started      0 [default]

But when I run “nsys stop” nothing is created.
I’m not using any capture range, and don’t have cuda profiler API / NVTX API in my applications code.

When I run “nsys start” first, then launching the application with “nsys launch” gets the “End of file” message.

Please advise.

The correct workflow is to first launch the app with nsys launch <arguments> <app> and then start a profiling session with nsys start <arguments>.

After launching an application, the state of that session should be Launched, you can verify that with nsys sessions list
After starting a profiling session for a launched application, the state of that session should be Collection.

You can also specify a name for a session, by using --session, or refer to a session with its ID.

Thanks @ztasoulas ,

I think my flow is exactly as you suggested. My problem is that the recording process ends abruptly

$nsys start -o ./my_log
End of file -----> nothing is recorded and the nsys session crashes (but the application is alive).

Which version of nsys are you using?
If not the latest, could you please try that? You may download it from this link.