Can't profile


On my computer, Linux graphics debugger works like a charm for debugging, however all profiling features don’t work. For instance the framerate graph does not show anything, and the profiler view doesn’t give any result. I’m running Mint 17.1 with NVidia drivers 352 (from CUDA 7.5 repository) and my GPU is a GeForce 970GTX.
I didn’t try to connect with a root account since I don’t have one on this computer, would you think that could help ?
A colleague of mine runs the same Linux system except that he has a GeForce 760 and profiling works for him with the same application (i.e. as simple as glxgears). He connects to the application with its regular user account. The GPU is the only difference I can notice.

Would you have any idea or suggestion to solve this ?

Thanks a lot.

Hi there,

Please try with the newly released LGD 2.0 version, which features a more powerful view Range Profiler instead of the old profiler view.


There is a known issue on some drivers that profiling on Maxwell cards requires the program to be run as root. The 760 is a kepler card. The 970 is a maxwell card. This should be documented in the release notes. I believe this is documented in the Perfkit release notes (on which the LGD profiling capability is built).

This problem was fixed in newer versions of the driver. I believe you will find moving to a newer NVIDIA display driver will fix the problem. LGD 2.0 will requires NVIDIA driver r370.23.