Can't Read Microphone from Quest Client CloudXR 3.2


My setup for connecting CloudXR Client running in an Oculus Quest to an aws G4 is working just fine. However, the moment I add the following command line “-sa” to the CloudXRLaunchOptions.txt, the client no longer connects to the cloud. I have checked the log from the client side and it seems there is an issue for sending the audio:

“ERROR: Could not send audio data (status 0x800B0005)”

The full logs are here :
CloudXR Client Log 2023-03-08 19.48.06.txt (35.1 KB)

I am using CloudXR 3.2. Is there something I can do to investigate where the problem might be ? My goal is to send Oculus Microphone data to the server CloudXR application in the aws instance.


You have to add the record permission to the manifest and request it in your java code, I think.