can't run many sample nvidia cuda sdk

I just buy lenovo y450 p5550 graphic card geforce gt 130 m
my os window 7 32 bit
I downloaded new driver for graphic card to support cuda .
I download sdk and toolkit for cuda .

but i try to run many sample nvidia cuda sdk RESULT FAIL
Why I can t run sample nvidia cuda sdk or It 's not support cuda ?

thank you

It looks like that Lenovo only has 256MB of video memory. Some of the SDK samples require more than this, but it’s usually quite simple to modify them to work with smaller data sets.

Does it report out of memory if you run the samples in debug mode? We should probably modify the SDK samples to have better error reporting.

lenovo y450 p550 geforce gt 130 m 512 ram video T_T

I run in NVIDIA CUDA SDK Browser download from nividia

almost sample sdk result fail but i try in my destop computer geforce gt 250 it very impressive all of result pass

my os window 7 utimate both of notebook and destop