Can't Send Or Receive CAN frames with MCP2515 and Jetson Nano 4GB

I’ve reached the moment when I can init mcp2515 on my Jetson Nano but I cannot send or receive any frames with candump or cansend. Only when I init can0, try to send a frame, and set can0 down I was able to receive a different frame on another mcp2515. I have configured the mcp2515 through and tried to set the bitrate to 500000 and 125000. I’m using JetPack 4.6.1.

hello ahmed.elhlwgy,

could you please review the pin connections between your two CAN devices.
for example,
did you have CAN-L to CAN-L and CAN-H to CAN-H?
is there single ohm resistor, or you’ve resistors at both ends?
do you have CAN ground signals connected, this could given a more resilient network.

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