Can't Start 3.2.2 Monitor - need to change port

Ok, so this is a little stupid I can’t even start the Monitor application, it just shuts down before I see anything. I can’t see a tray icon or anything.

The log files tell me that port 8000 can’t be used, I found out that some Windows 8.1 Metro App servicing process occupies it.

I can’t change the port though because the application crashes because it can’t use the current configured port :(

I would really appreciate it if someone with a non 8000 port could share his configuration file which will probably be in

%APPDATA%\NVIDIA Corporation\Nsight\Monitor\1.0\Settings

Just paste it here if you could

Nevermind, it was FreemakeStudio that used the port 8000 with the Windows http server host (PID 4). So, for people who can’t start it because the port is taken by PID4 just kill user applications until you can start it. You can use TCPView to see if the port is still bound.