Can't stream live HLS using -> NvEnc + FFMPEG

What a bummer!!

So I tried streaming live HLS using a GTX1080/NvEnc/FFMPEG-setup however when enabling three ABR levels the system tells me I’m out of memory. And when googling the problem it seams like I can only encode two simultaneous streams. Totally disappointed.

It’s like someone built a nuclear plant but the engineers connecting it to the grid used wires capable of 100 watts. Has anyone got a explanation from Nvidia why the crippled the solution that way? The competition Intels quick-sync does not have the same limitations.


Well, it’s well known the consumer cards are limited to two streams if you look through the NVENC documentation.

You need to find an equivalent card here

The P4000 seems similar to the 1080GTX in my experience.