Can't understand how to have the same audio on 3 monitors connected with display port

I have a computer (Windows 10 LTSC, Quadro P400. I attach the NVIDIA system information) that has three monitors connected through display port. I have to sync the audio on all three monitors and wanted to understand if this is possible without having to add extra audio cables. I have seen that it is possible through external software, but the system onto which I have to perform this is medical, therefore it has lots of restrictions related to cybersecurity. Any help would be really appreciated.
NVIDIA System Information 02-23-2022 14-27-27.txt (3.5 KB)

The nvidia driver only handles graphics.
If your distribution has pulse sound handling, you can run paprefs to configure a virtual sound card that outputs to all available output simultaneously by ticking the checkbox.

Oops, sorry, just noticed you’re running Windows, this is a Linux forum.
With Windows, I guess you’ll have to install extra software to achieve the same.

Ah, sorry, someone from customer support linked me directly to this side of the forum, so I thought it was generic for graphics cards!
Thanks anyways, that’s honestly what I thought but was still hoping there could be another way!