Can't upgrade to TAO 5

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• Hardware (DGPU)

While upgrading from TAO 3 to 4 worked for me, I cannot upgrade to TAO 5.

pip3 install nvidia-tao give me an “all requirements have been met”
The does nothing more than the above regarding installing the enviroment.

!tao-info --verbose gives me:

Blockquote# View the versions of the TAO launcher

Configuration of the TAO Toolkit Instance

1. classification_tf2
2. efficientdet_tf2
1. augment
2. bpnet
3. classification_tf1
4. detectnet_v2
5. dssd
6. emotionnet
7. efficientdet_tf1
8. faster_rcnn
9. fpenet
10. gazenet
11. gesturenet
12. heartratenet
13. lprnet
14. mask_rcnn
15. multitask_classification
16. retinanet
17. ssd
18. unet
19. yolo_v3
20. yolo_v4
21. yolo_v4_tiny
22. converter
1. mask_rcnn
2. unet
1. action_recognition
2. deformable_detr
3. segformer
4. re_identification
5. pointpillars
6. pose_classification
7. n_gram
8. speech_to_text
9. speech_to_text_citrinet
10. speech_to_text_conformer
11. spectro_gen
12. vocoder
13. text_classification
14. question_answering
15. token_classification
16. intent_slot_classification
17. punctuation_and_capitalization
format_version: 2.0
toolkit_version: 4.0.1
published_date: 03/06/2023


Tried to pull the new container by: docker pull doesn’t seem to help.
I’m stuck here.

Please use python 3.7 and retry.

conda create -n launcher python=3.7

I’m not using conda or other virtual enviroment. Should I just install the bare metal 3.7 on my Ubuntu?

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Suggest you to run with virtual environment.

NVIDIA recommends setting up a python environment using miniconda. The following instructions show how to setup a python conda environment.

  1. Follow the instructions in this link to set up a conda environment using a miniconda.
  2. Once you have installed miniconda, create a new environment by setting the Python version to 3.7.
conda create -n launcher python=3.7
  1. Activate the conda environment that you have just created.
conda activate launcher
  1. Once you have activated your conda environment, the command prompt should show the name of your conda environment.

  2. When you are done with you session, you may deactivate your conda environment using the deactivate command:

conda deactivate
  1. You may re-instantiate this created conda environment using the following command.
conda activate launcher

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