Can't use 2 arducam modules at the same

I have the Jetson Nano 4GB B01 and I am trying to use two different Arducam camera modules for two seperate tasks on the same machine. The first module is the IMX219 which has drivers preinstalled on the nano. The second module is the AR1335 which requires drivers to be installed according to this link.

The problem is that when I install the drivers for the AR1335, the AR1335 works great but the IMX219 stop working and when I uninstall the drivers for AR1335 using “sudo dpkg -r arducam-nvidia-l4t-kernel” the AR1335 stops working and the IMX219 work just fine.

My question is: How can I get both these cameras to work at the same time without requiring a reboot to install/uninstall drivers?

Here are my dmesg logs with the IMX219 plugged into the first camera port (7) and the AR1335 plugged into the second camera port (8): dmesg logs jetson nano

From what I can tell, relevant camera information on the logs starts at [1.27…]

You need check with Arducam to give driver that integrate both these driver(device tree) otherwise can’t do it.

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