Capture CSI-2 only


I’m planning to use a module that publishes video on CSI-2 with 2 lanes. So I don’t need I2C communication. I just need to read CSI-2. I think the video will be in bayer format. So;

  1. Is there a simple code just to read video data from CSI-2 with given parameters?

  2. How can I debayer data quickly? Can I use ISP for it? I want to process that video data with opencv.


Have a check the sensor programing guide to implement sensor driver even you don’t need i2c setting just make the REG write as dummy.

One way to do this is to follow the programming guide as ShaneCCC suggested. The code from Nvidia expects that a “camera” is an i2c device. You can create a dummy i2c device and it will work correctly.

The best option for debayering, in most cases, is to use the ISP. If you follow the sensor programming guide you’ll be able to use the ISP to debayer the video.