Capture native bit stream from graphic card

Hi all,
is it possible to list all running bit streams from the graphic card and then capture/clone one to save it? For example to capture some meetings or games. But i don’t want to record the whole desktop. And if this is possible, can I use pyhton3 on windows 10 for this? Or maybe there is a sdk api?


Hello @john123g, Please correct me if I am wrong, but it sounds like you are asking for the ability to record a video from selected running process? For example, If I wanted to record this web browser only and not have it record my entire desktop. You also mention Meetings or Games so I am guessing you want the ability to live-stream them as well?

Omniverse has a Movie Capture Extension, more information here: Movie Capture — Omniverse Extensions documentation

If you are wanting to create your own app for Omniverse, you can take a look at these documents:

NVIDIA offers free Broadcasting software here: Download the NVIDIA Broadcast App