Capture on remote Win10 box fails - wrong OS

Both boxes involved -

  • Win10 Pro x64 Ver 1909 Build 18363.815
  • GPU - GeForce GTX 960
  • Driver Ver. 445.87 ( same results with Ver. 445.75 )
  • Nsight Graphics - 2020.2

Launch, capture, resume, etc., all work as expected as long as target machine is local host. If I try running NG from either machine against the other as the remote target machine, the target app will launch, but a HUD message appears in the app’s GL window reading:

‘Unsupported OS detected: Windows 8Not all Nsight features are supported on this version of Windows. Your debug session may become unstable.’

Is there something I’ve overlooked in my setup? Apps WILL launch remotely, but I can’t capture any data - true to the warning, the target app will hang if I try.

[Edit - native 32 bit C++ executable written w/ latest rev of VS2019; OpenGL.]


Sorry that you’re encountering this issue (and sorry for the delayed response). This is really odd. It appears as if the code to detect the operating system is failing on your machine. We use RtlGetVersion from ntdll.dll to detect if the version is greater than or equal to Windows 10. That function appears to be reporting your system as 6.2, which corresponds to Windows 8. This code has changed slightly in 2020.3 with a bugfix related to this question, so there is a possibility that it will be fixed, so I would suggest trying that version. If that doesn’t work, however, you may need to PM me to see what that particular code is returning on your machine.

No worries about the delay.

Your fix did indeed correct the problem.

Unfortunately, now I get a message saying the GPU isn’t supported. And according to the documentation, that’s correct. (I was momentarily confused when I stumbled into the supported GPU list for the VS edition.)