Capture problem

Now We are capturing 4KP30 video stream on TegraX1 platform, the sensor ov13850 is connected to TegraX1 through CSI interface.
In order to get raw data from sensor, we use V4L2/SOC_CAMERA driver to capture data, which is provided from NVIDIA.
Now we find below problem:
When we use most of gpus resources on TegraX1, the frame rate of capture cann’t reach 30 per second. Sometimes we will need wait 66ms to get a frame, normally just need 33ms. It seems the capture controller of TegraX1 lost irqs. So we move the host_syncpt irq from core0 to other cores , for examples using echo 8 > /proc/irq/97/smp_affinity, but useless.
So how can we sovle problem.

Could you tell which BSP version are used r24.2? And how did you reproduce the problem.