Hi, we have a Tegra tx1. We have 3 cameras Leopard Imaging card, and we are going to upgrade it to 6 cameras. We modified some of the samples programs, oneshot, and multisensor to capture from 3 cameras, but the speed is very slow, about 14 frane per second. We would like to try the captureBurst, and repeatBurst functions, but we are looking for some sample programs rather then starting from scratch. Does anyobody have any useful? Thanks in advance.

My problem is that all docs show the same lines, but none is going into detail how to define the requestList.

Hi controlled,

This forum is for the Linux graphics driver, so I don’t think people here are very familiar with the products you’re using. Would the Jetson TX1 forum maybe be more appropriate, maybe? I can move the post there for you.