Capturing 360 video

I’m looking to capture a 360 stereo video of an Omniverse XR session, ideally with OBS. I can’t seem to get just the video output, only the XR app itself. Any hints or techniques to make this possible?

Hello @rwhawkins! I’ve asked the team if this is possible. I will post back when I have more information!

Howdy @rwhawkins , we currently can’t run Omniverse XR with a spherical rendering setup. It’s pretty tricky getting raytraced VR to run quick enough for a typical field of view. A wider spherical field of view would add considerable expense. If your goal is to output a stereo spherical video for playback on a headset, then we probably want you to eventually use the Movie Capture tool to render out a recording of your session. Omniverse XR isn’t setup to do this today, but it is a workflow we’d eventually like to add.

Yep lots of pixels, but seems with Omniverse we can throw a lot of hardware at the problem! I did play with Movie Capture, but looks like it doesn’t have a stereo 360 setup? Ideally we’d have support for over/under stereo output as well as 6DOF RGB+depth, hopefully a roadmap item?

@rwhawkins You are correct, there’s no stereo 360 render options today in Movie Capture, I’ll pass the feedback on to that team.